Itxasmarine’s main activity is geared towards:

  1. Electrical engineering.
  2. Naval and industrial electrical installations.
  3. Turnkey projects.
  4. Automation development and manufacture of specific control equipment.
  5. Modification, repair and maintenance of naval and industrial electrical installations.
  6. Manufacture and assembly of electrical switchboard.
  7. Consulting.
  8. Installation and maintenance of fire detection systems.
  9. Miscellaneous electrical components and equipment supply.
  10. Low voltage installations.



The company Itxasmarine is located in Errenteria, 8 km from Donostia-San Sebastian, with modern facilities tailored and adapted to our professional activity. Our facilities are sufficiently flexible so that they can be adapted to special, innovative pieces of work.
We have at our disposal resources like a thermal imager enabling us to carry out high-quality checks, besides having all our equipment calibrated in compliance with the ISO 9001.
Our staff are familiar with market needs, are highly qualified and efficient, and have long experience, too.

Itxasmarine has considerable experience in turnkey projects and conversions as well as in large repair jobs. Likewise, in the design and building of electrical switchboards, control consoles, specific controls for propulsion engines, auxiliary engines, etc.


Itxasmarine is formed by a solid professional team with a deep experience in the sector, being able to adapt to the growing peaks of demand of the market.



  • Astilleros Zamakona (Spain).
  • Astilleros Murueta (Spain).
  • Astilleros Balenciaga (Spain).
  • Astilleros Pasaia (Spain).
  • Union Naval Valencia (Spain).
  • Factoria Naval De Marin (Spain).
  • Astilleros I. Olaziregi (Spain).
  • Asmar (Chile).

Types of vessels built

  • Tuna freezer vessels.
  • Factory-freezer fishing vessels.
  • Trawlers, longline vessels, coastal fishing boats.
  • Merchant vessels.
  • Reefers.
  • Oil tanker ships.
  • Patrol boats.
  • Tugs

             Standard tugs

             Tug vessels

             Stern drive tugs

             Voith tugs


  • Support vessels:

             Buoy tender vessels

             Oil recovery vessels

             Lifeboat and safety vessels / multipurpose vessels


  • M/V CHARO (lengthening)
  • M/V NAPOLEÓN (lengthening)
  • M/V BAHÍA DE GUIPUZCOA BAHÍA DE SAN SEBASTIÁN (Power increase and freezing plant installation)


  • Remolcadores IBAIZABAL (Spain).
  • Remolcadores REBARSA (Spain).
  • Remolcadores FACAL (Spain).
  • Remolcadores RENAVE (Spain).
  • SVITZER (U.K.)
  • WIJSMULLER (Holland)

Fishing companies

  • PEVASA (Spain).
  • PEBERTU (Spain).
  • ATUNANCA (Venezuela).
  • C. GARAVILLA (Spain).
  • VELASPEX (Spain).
  • MAR PACÍFICO TUNA, S.A. (Panamá)
  • PESQUERA JADRÁN, S.A. (Ecuador)

Merchant vessels

  • T. M. ALCUDIA (Spain).

Marine engine manufacturers

  • MITSUBISHI ENGINES (Spain-Portugal).


  • ALCAMPO (Spain).